Workstation Monitoring and Maintenance

MCL provides comprehensive and in-depth technology strategy and expertise. We not only provide support now to make your current operation run as smoothly as possible, our approach is to help you see future challenges and changes and be best prepared for them. The bedrock of this philosophy is our proactive monitoring and maintenance service. This service involves us working behind the scenes to minimize disruptions, improves our response time and ability to provide seamless support, and gives you insight into your operations and infrastructure that ultimately helps you to plan for the future. MCL merges our proven monitoring process with our highly-capable technicians and expert analysts to ensure that your information technology helps your business thrive instead of holding you back.

workstation patch management

The computers in your business are regularly changing and require constant attention to ensure they remain protected and up-to-date. Windows patches are released weekly but some updates are more essential than others. Security updates are highly recommended while some feature releases cause more issues than fixes. Leaving the job of deciding which patches to install and when to do so up to staff results in a patchwork of protection and feature sets available. Our customized maintenance policies work to minimize disruption to your daily operations while ensuring the right security patches and updates are applied to servers and workstations.

Proactive System monitoring

Are the ages of your systems causing delays for your staff? Do they have enough resources to run your essential programs? Do they need to be replaced completely or would a simple hardware upgrade allow you to accomplish more in a day? These complicated questions are easily answered using our monitoring tools.  When issues are experienced, our monitoring tools and expert technicians can help you make  the most cost-effective upgrade decisions for your infrastructure. Our tools also provide proactive alerts to potential upcoming hardware failures and identify overall system performance problems. Alerts are received by our team who will work with you to review potential threats, impacts, and options for ensuring your business runs smoothly. Our proactive service keeps a pulse on your workstations to ensure unexpected interruptions are minimized. Our team provides top quality managed IT services in Edmonton, Calgary, and throughout Alberta.

Workstation monitoring

Cloud-Enabled antivirus software

Cloud-managed antivirus software is installed on each workstation and server and receives real-time virus definitions so your workstations remain alert to the newest threats affecting businesses today. This endpoint protection software immediately quarantines any known threat and notifies our team for further review. Daily and weekly virus scans are automatically performed on every system in your network as an added level of protection.


Our remote management tools allow for a comprehensive overview of the health of your environment and identify potential network weak-points. Along with our experienced network experts, this allows you to make decisions now and plan for the future with the most relevant metrics available. In a competitive environment where you need consistent and reliable results at the most cost-conscious rate, MCL’s outsourced IT support services offer an opportunity to minimize the impacts to your monthly bottom-line while providing the peace of mind that your IT is managed effectively.

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