Email Migration

In today’s business environment, being able to work from wherever you and your team find yourselves is critical to building a productive business. While there are many systems and technologies in place to help individuals accomplish this, none is more critical than email. Being able to communicate with clients, our broader team, or vendors from any computer or smartphone is often an assumed feature but not all email systems are created equal nor with the same remote accessibility. 

Unfortunately, many email providers do not have sufficient synchronization abilities to provide a consistent experience with your received and sent items, contacts, or calendars. In addition, many email providers place significant limits on the size of attachments and the overage storage capacity of user email accounts. These limitations can result in frustrations when trying to get work done outside of your primary office environment or, worse, result in costly delays when you need to access information or communicate at a critical moment.

Microsoft 365

With nearly a decade of experience working with and supporting Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365), MCL Managed IT recommends the suite of Microsoft products that consists of Exchange Online Email, OneDrive for Business, Teams Messaging, and SharePoint sites. This suite of products has a proven track record of helping businesses operate seamlessly from anywhere and offer the necessary features and functions to optimize your remote productivity. Exchange email provides a consistent experience across desktop, laptop, mobile devices and browser access; synchronizing email, contacts and calendars regardless of where you access them. It provides a base storage capacity of 50GB for standard subscriptions with additional space available with add-ons. OneDrive for Business offers 1TB of storage space for each subscription, allowing you and your team to easily access important files whenever or wherever you need them. The Office suite of products can also be bundled in with your Exchange email account, providing you and your team with licensed versions of the latest Outlook, Word and Excel applications.

When migrating your current email accounts to Microsoft 365, MCL Managed IT works in a phased approach with your team to ensure all emails are transferred to the new email server behind the scenes and will guide you through securing access to your new email accounts. Supported email migration sources include ISP-based emails, GoDaddy-based Office 365 accounts, and third-party provided email accounts such as HostMonster.

Computer support and managed IT

NOTE: While MCL Managed IT does recommend Microsoft 365 as the first choice for our clients, we also support Google Workspace email migration and setup. While Google Workspace does not support Exchange email it does offer a Google-created-hybrid of email delivery service which does offer more synchronization than traditional IMAP email servers.



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