Cyber Security and Backups

As the threat of ransomware and data compromises increases annually, businesses are becoming more and more concerned with Cyber Security and Business Continuity. Businesses who do not adequately protect their company data or train their staff for signs of attack are at risk of falling victim to the constant attempts by attackers to access their valuable business operation data.

MCL offers a layered approach to both security and business continuity through several partners and solutions tailored to the needs of each client we partner with.

Security measures will always affect the convenience of staff in performing their work, so a balanced approach must be agreed upon with a trusted IT support provider.  MCL works with each client to determine the level of risk as well as recovery time in the event of a data breach or hardware failure.

layers of security

Network Security – Remote Desktop is the most common way that ransomware is deployed on client networks. We employ a combination of industry-standard practices for network configurations along with recommending the implementation of a security appliance that will further protect your infrastructure. A security appliance will scan data sent and received between the Internet and the local network for any suspicious files or activity including downloads with viruses or external intrusion attempts. They also provide encrypted “tunnels” through which remote users can securely access company data.

Email Protection – The second most common way that online accounts are compromised, and ransomware is installed on workstations, is through phishing email attempts and attachments with viruses. While Microsoft 365 does offer basic spam filtering, MCL provides active spam management to immediately respond to current emails and phishing attempts.

Dark Web Scanning and Security Awareness Training – Online accounts and login details are stored in databases across the continent and can be compromised by hackers in bulk. That information is then shared or sold on the black market online in what is termed the ‘dark web’ and may be used to target your network.  Through a partner, MCL offers active Dark Web scanning which reports weekly on any compromised accounts connected to your domain. Regular staff testing and training to improve your team’s ability to spot phishing attempts is included with the service and is the most effective way to proactively prevent phishing-related breaches.

Computer support and managed IT

Server and Workstation Security – Centrally-managed antivirus software makes MCL immediately aware of all potential threats and suspicious activity on individual workstations and servers.  The anti-virus software automatically blocks known threats and quarantines them locally. Users are also notified when the anti-virus program blocks a potentially dangerous application.

Browser Security – The antivirus software provided by MCL additionally offers a browser extension which scans sites for known scams or compromises and alerts the user prior to exploring that site to prevent potential malicious attacks from occurring.

Layers of Backup

Email Backup – MCL partners with industry-leading vendors to provide additional protection for all user accounts on Microsoft and Google platforms by creating offsite backups regularly throughout the day and retaining them for at least 1 year. Restoration is immediate and can be requested by key contacts within the company after a data impacting event.

Desktop or Laptop Backup – Staff who are constantly on the go or who save important company information on their workstations can be protected from loss or breach. In such situations, we can provide a cloud-based offsite backup of these local files on a real-time basis so that data is secure in the event of hardware failure or device theft.

Server and Company Data Backup – Servers exist to store centralized applications or company data that multiple staff access on a regular basis.  Given their importance to your operations, server data must be backed up and in such a way as to minimize downtime in the event of hardware failure or ransomware attack.  MCL provides tailor-made solutions to your server backup requirements balancing desired recovery time with budgetary concerns. We also offer solutions for other centralized data systems such as Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices.

In addition to the above areas, MCL offers a variety of layered security and layered backup solutions and strategies to mitigate, protect, and prepare for the many possible unexpected interruptions your business can face. Our team will work with you to evaluate your infrastructure, examine your use-cases, and account for your budgetary considerations to provide a made-to-fit solution that is perfect for your business.

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